Revolution Festival is an open air music and arts festival. The event is open to cultural development, cultural dialog, talents, youth organizations, and volunteers, while also focusing on sustaining the natural heritage.
Revolution Festival wishes to bring people together, uniting them through music and art. The festival is open to everyone who wants to be part of a unique experience. This creative platform helps and discovers new talents, bringing them together with recognized artists, thus building the capacity for other events and projects in the region. During the three days of the festival The Village Museum will go through a revolutionary transformation. This will be the meeting point for artists and talented young people who are united in their love of music and their desire to improve the cultural life of the city.



Close to nature, The Village Museum is a representative place for the community. For three days (1st – 3th of June) this will be the home of a revolutionary experience. A space that makes Timisoara proud, The Village Museum began its activity in 1967. Through the years this place has been guarding the regional heritage. Every house in the museum has its own story. The Village Museum keeps the rural history alive, while Revolution Festival becomes a tradition of our generation.

How to get to the festival

The no. 46 bus is available at the Bastion/Punctele Cardinale Station and it goes to the Banat Village Museum and back.
The bus stops on the way are: Bastion, Poliția Județeană Timiș, ILSA, Telegrafului, Gara de Est, UMT, Cvartal UMT, Banat Village Museum.
From Revolution Festival: Banat Village Museum, Cvartal UMT, UMT, Gara de Est, Badea Cârțan, Poliția Județeană Timiș, A. Popovici, Bastion.

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