CTC is a Romanian hip hop band, founded by VD, Deliric 1, L Doc and DJ Paul.
Although they were members of other different bands (Armada and E.L.I.T.A.), in 1999 they decided to start together a new project, compiling a demo that spread out quickly among hip-hop listeners and was well received by the established hip-hop community. As a result, the C.T.C. members became guest MC’s for some collaborations on several LP’s and compilations: Plus infinite (“Plus Infinity”, with R.A.C.L.A.), Visuri în întuneric (“Dreams in the Dark”, with K-Gula), Născuţi pentru asta (“Born for This”, with Da Hood Justice) and others.
VD and DJ Paul created and launched “Facem Records”, the label under which several mix-tapes were released, among others Raku’s debut album (În mediu vitreg, “Hostile Environment”) and the C.T.C. & Cedry2k EP, Secretul din atom (“The Secret Inside the Atom”).
In 2002 the “Reanimation 101” concert was organized by C.T.C., event which marked the resurrection of the underground Romanian hip hop.
In 2003 C.T.C. began collaborating with an independent label for the Proiectul Verde (“The Green Project”) compilation; as a result, a single and a video were released.
After a collaboration for another compilation (Afront, “Affront”) with another independent label, C.T.C. was offered a contract by Roton Urban Label (R.U.L.).
In August 2005 the Dificultăţi tehnice LP saw daylight, supported by the video Orice (“Anything”), a single released in collaboration with Yolo from Zale and Nwanda.
At the present time, C.T.C. has over 100 collaborations with several artists (among them Zale, on Chei verbale, Bitză, on Sinuciderea unui înger, Cedry2k on his Alchimia Veninului album).

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