is hardcore punk band from Kragujevac (Serbia). The band was founded in 2009. in guitarists basement where Dishumanity had first and most underground practice days. Several gigs from start,with Downtrodden,Misomor then with Archagathus,Bestial Vomit,Wormrot and others.

After that,gig in Skopje(Macedonia) with No Control.

In 2010,band is recording their first and for now,only album “Radijacija”, with 12 songs and one cover song. Not long after that,band recorded 6 songs for split with Diktatura Systema but that project was doomed in the end.

In 2010 and 2011,gigs with Nux Vomica,Sun Of Nothing then Monteparadiso

festival,Ebola and Beyond Pink. After that,the original bassist is leaving the band,because of job and band had another gig,on Antifa fest in Zrenjanin,just guitar and drums. Band recorded 3 more songs,The Bomber,Dark Side and Fear Of War. Before 2012,Janko joined the band on the bass. Several gigs in Kragujevac,Fest club and playing on the KRASTIVAL Fest in Slovenia.

After that,band was on hiatus, literally.
Now we will continue to spread the filth over the streets!

New album coming soon!


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