K.O.R.A. is NWOAHV band from Sofia, Bulgaria formed in 2012 by Petar Bratanov – guitars, backing vocals. Shortly thereafter Hristo Arakliev – vocals joined and they started developing their unique style, working on ideas and searching for musicians to complete the band. After Anton Dimitrov – guitars (ITSI), Rumen Minev – bass (Skre4) and Viktor Stoyanov – drums joined, K.O.R.A. recorded three live videos at Ampsonair and were participating concerts both in the capital city and across the country. Several months later Anton and Viktor left the band and Julius Diamandiev (Full Circle, ex. Granulom, ex. 40 days later) joined as a drummer and Hristo Zanev (40 days later, ex. Fyeld, ex. Full Circle) as guitarist. During the next months the band released a lyrical video for a track called “A Good Place But Not My Home” as well as their first video for the track “Unacceptable”. Meanwhile they continued being part of the Bulgarian live metal scene and managed to finish the demo tracks for the debut album. At the of 2013, Julius started recording the drums at the “Na Vilata” studio. Several months later “Out Of The Box” was completed and the album promotion took place at club “Bar Zar” in Sofia. Shortly after the album promotion Hristo Zanev decided to leave and the they settled as a four-member band for a while. During that time the second video, “Tools And Fools” was recorded and the work for a second and a heavier album started. Petar Gramchev (Hangover) joined as a guitarist instantly started contributing for the heavier sound of the new album. Summer of 2015 was a turning point for the band as Hristo Arakliev left the band and his place as lead vocalist was taken by Ivaylo Ivanov. Currently the band is working on new videos and a second album.


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