His real name is actually Keith “Keeti” Palmer (don’t ever call him Keith, he hates it!). He went to Jack Hunt secondary school in Peterborough. Maxim was often seen at soul all-dayers at Nottingham’s Rock City. Keeti was originally an MC for a London reggae group, who presumably sank without trace.
He began MC-ing at the age of 14, when he used to watch his brother (MC Starky Ban Tan) MC-ing also on the raggae scene.
Keeti has written tons of songs and lyrics, most of which have never been released.
In 1990, Maxim was founded by friend Ziggy, who was managing a rave act in Essex, which needed an MC for their live show. Since then, Maxim has developed his own distinct MC-ing style: short snappy lines directed toward getting the crowd going. It often difficult to interpret what he is actually saying, since it is mostly encoded in 100+ decibel screams. Maxim is the band’s voice. Though he performed the vocals on some Prodigy tracks, his real talent is shown in his way of boosting the live shows. With him, the live songs get a feel totally different from that of the album tracks.
The reason why he chose his alias (Maxim Reality) was that at that time the stuff (lyrics) he was writing ”was all about real-life”. ”I didn’t pick the name because I thought it sounded cool. It was because of a reason.”
Keeti is a really strange figure – for example sometimes he wears a green skirt (because it’s comfortable) and has gold braces over his teeth, just to mention a few of his crazes. Actually it’s a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing with him – he can completely transform his ”real” self into a ”monster” who likes to intimidate people… ”The transformation takes place gradually as I get changed. But it’s totally different personality.”
Maxim, according to his own words, has always been writing music. He has filled cassettes and cassettes with music, and written tons of lyrics, yet he didn’t disclose any of his works for a very long time. He has written tons of songs and lyrics, most of which have never been released. In fall 2000 he released his own hip-hop style solo album.


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