are an all girl, post-punk three piece. The band formed five years ago and have built up a good reputation in our home city Manchester, so much in fact that one of the city’s most iconic sons, MES has asked us to support The Fall on a number of occasions.

Reviews following such gigs said…

“Mr. Heart will soon be stepping out of The Fall’s shadow.”

“A smorgasbord of influences and sound that give you something very British, very relevant and very right now this second.”

“grunge punk that falls away into discordant guitar and offbeat drumming”

“massive guitar riffs that slow and quieten down to dubby drums and a sexy bass line.”

“low grumbling bass and tribal drums.”

“post punk and spiky sounding… breathy vocal”

“the music throbs and the cymbals give it tension.”

“A perfectly formed, abrasive but melodic alternative pop machine. Sort of Throwing Muses with a bit of Northern English bite.”


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