Romanian duo Livio & Roby, together with their pal George G, sometimes like to play with words, make anagrams or combine formulas. As a result of this game, they derived a name „Premiesku“ for their mutual project, suggesting „premiere“ which resonates as a Romanian name. That is what their
collaboration is about – a unique new experience, which has already gained accolades from many party heads, acclaimed music professionals and opinion leaders.

The name reflects the music: crossing of their diverse vibrant inspirations and moods breeds a new concept of genuine, recognizable sound. As virtuosic audio engineers, they intelligently structure their (sometimes) heterogeneous ideas into powerful and dynamic compositions that catches the heart, body and mind of a listener. Compact „four to the floor“ patterns inspired by classic deep house, Detroit techno and tech house are switched up and deconstructed, resulting in a hypnotic brew. Driving and energetic solid grooves are fused with a plethora of colours and sonic twists, ranging from Balkan cultural heritage to surreal theatre. Their outstanding production has been released on influential labels such as
Desolat, Cecille, Apollonia and All In.

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