At an early age, when most kids are discovering video games and girls, German production wizard Frank Heinrich, aka Reboot, was creating tracks on the studio equipment that he purchased with his small savings. This precocious talent was nurtured by illicit nights out sneaking in to Sven Väth’s Omen club in Frankfurt, Germany, where Reboot grew up. Despite Reboot’s early indoctrination into tough techno sounds, he draws from a variety musical influences. As a producer, his approach borrows sounds from all corners of the musical spectrum from classic house, world music, jazz, funk or R&B. Alongside friends like Chris Tietjen, Marc Scholl, and Markus Fix, he now spearheads “the new sound of Frankfurt”. The result is what Reboot calls a “complex polyrhythmic architecture” and what dance floors call “ dynamite ”.
Reboot has consistently evolved as an artist, without ever losing his initial rush of passion that pushed him out of his career in banking and into the arms of the electronic music industry. In a career that has ranged from early collaborations with Marco Delle, done as Delle & Heinrich, to his current incarnation as a widely demanded solo artist. He has released classic records on labels such as his own imprint Noon Records, on Cocoon, Defected, SeiEsDrum, Moon Harbour, Cadenza, Circus, Renaissance, Below, Cecille and many more. His inquisitive musical nature pushed Reboot to constantly experiment with new sounds and rhythms. This has allowed him to develop into a compelling performer who feels equally at home behind the decks or playing live. Reboot’s musical journey has spanned the world, traveling to temples of techno such as Womb (Tokyo), Fabric (London), and Cocoon (Frankfurt), in addition to more intimate settings such as Robert Johnson (Frankfurt) and Brazil’s legendary D-Edge.
Reboot is currently touring all of Europe, with the focus on the massive Ibiza summer season, including shows at any of the major clubs on the island like Space, Pacha and Amnesia. Whenever there is time, he is also working on music for the next Long-player, which is already wistfully awaited. Reboot is a NOON Artists exclusive worldwide for management and a The Bullitt Agency for bookings worldwide.


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