Ritam Nereda is one of the most productive and most intransigent Serbian bend that exist since 1987. They are synonym for loud, fast, strong and energetic gig, with punk, metal and hardcore sound.
Ritam Nereda with their extensive discography, numerous releases and reissues during the 29 years of career still had a large fan base, representing a rare example of a profilic band with a cult repertoire.
Clean and intransigent quality is confirmed by, among others, Henry Rollins ( Rollins Band ) and Bill Gould ( Faith No More ), who after listening to their concerts requested to meet band. Ritam Nereda recorded and performed with such magnitudes as Queens of the Stone Age, Motörhead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others.
They have eight studio albums and three live editions. Hits such as “Put beznađa”, “Crno je sve”, “Ne”, “10 godina”, “Hiljade”, “Sećanja”, “Heroj” and “San” are only some of the songs that were their career mark. Last studio album “To nisi ti” is released in 2015.


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