Dobrikan Alin never losing sight of his passions – playing and producing techno music, breaking tunes, spreading love and celebrating life. With almost ten years of DJ experience, Dobrikan want to define rather than follow musical trends.

He started playing at a nightclub when he was only 17. His accidental entry into Hometown’s club scene as a teenager was the kick-start he needed for a lifelong Dj love affair.
“I like to make people dance and have fun. The things you have to do are to switch off the real world and to switch off the mind. I will do the rest.”

In a short time he realized that he had outgrown the limits of the small town and made up his mind to move to Bucharest. He had the oportunity to performing in Bucharest clubs.

Dobrikan is really obsessed with finding a line between sounds and between underground genres. His further musical influence came from Sven Vath, which plays a huge role in the way he connect with music.
Dramatic sounds, eccentric basslines, make his multilayer sound to look like a fine line between quantity and quality. He never forget to put the surprise element in his work.

He spent many hours mixing on vinyl and CD’s, but it all comes naturally to a man who is first and foremost a music lover by heart. He delights his audience with sensitive techno house sound.


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